Led by Professor Mike Gibney of University College Dublin, the Food4Me consortium consists of 25 partners from 12 European countries. It brings together a multi-disciplinary team in the fields of biological sciences, consumer studies, marketing, business development, IT and technology, ethical and legal industry, and communication.


Food4Me partner of the month 

john matherssmallJohn Mathers

John Mathers leads the work on the design, delivery and evaluation of outcomes from the Proof of Principle (PoP) Study.

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Ulf Görman

Ulf Görman from Lund University is leader of Food4Me's investigation into the ethical and legal aspects of personalised nutrition.

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marianne walshMarianne Walsh

Marianne Walsh from University College Dublin (UCD) is project manager of Food4Me.

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hannelore daniel2

Hannelore Daniel

Hannelore Daniel, from Technische Universität München (TUM), is managing Food4Me's work on technology and personalised nutrition.

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jo goossensquareJo Goossens

Jo Goossens is leading work on business and value creation models. He told us a bit about how he got involved in Food4Me and his role in the project.

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