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Ulf Görman - Lund University

Ulf Görman from Lund University is leader of Food4Me's investigation into the ethical and legal aspects of personalised nutrition. As leader of this work, Ulf plays an important role in exploring how personalised nutrition can be applied responsibly. He told us a bit about himself and how he is involved in the Food4Me project.


Ulf Görman - Biography

I am emeritus professor in ethics and former head of the unit of ethics in the faculty of humanities and theology at Lund University, and still working part time as senior professor. I am also guest professor in ethics at Jönköping University. My research is focused on problems in bioethics, among others, on ethical questions in relation to post-genomic research, personalised nutrition, and brain machine interfaces. I am also scientific secretary of the Ethical Review Board for the south of Sweden, where I work with ethical review of research on humans.

How did you get involved in the Food4Me project?

For many years the focus of my research has been on bioethical questions. Around the turn of the century, when the mapping of the human genome was foreseen, I was heading a large national Swedish research project on ethical questions related to what was at that time called post-genomic research. That brought me in contact with the ethics of nutrigenomics, and I became a member of the European nutrigenomics organisation (NuGO), where I learned to know Mike Gibney and several other partners who are now engaged in Food4Me.

What is your specific role within the project?

I am coordinating the work package that investigates the ethical and legal aspects of personalising nutrition and the studies in Food4Me.

What are you hoping will be the outcome of your research?

We study issues such as genetic testing, commercial use of individual data, and protection vs. responsibility of the individual. We hope to achieve a better understanding of the ethical and legal complexity of implementing the idea of personalised nutrition.

What impact do you hope your research will have?

We hope that the results of our studies may contribute to a responsible way of applying the concept of personalised nutrition.

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