Food4Me partner of the month

Marianne Walsh - University College Dublin

This month we spoke to Marianne Walsh from University College Dublin (UCD). As Food4Me project coordinators, UCD plays a highly important management role.

marianne walsh

Marianne works at the Institute of Food and Health at University College Dublin and is project manager of Food4Me. She is a registered nutritionist with a PhD in Nutritional Metabolomics. Her background is primarily in research and she has worked on several intervention studies, in both the clinical and laboratory setting. Her main interests include nutrigenomics, public health and exercise physiology. Marianne also engages in consultancy work with companies from the food industry and she is the nutritionist for the Elite Athlete Academy at University College Dublin.

How did you get involved in the Food4Me Project?

I had previously worked with Mike Gibney on the Joint Irish Nutrigenomics (JINGO) project at UCD and therefore had some experience in the area of nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition. On returning from a long trip around the world, it was a nice coincidence that the position of project manager for Food4Me was advertised at the same time. I joined the team at the launch of the project in 2011.

What is your specific role within the project?

My primary role is the day-to-day management of the project and liaising with the EU Commission in order to ensure that the project fulfils all contracted tasks. I assist the Coordinator, Mike Gibney, in managing the activities between the various work-packages and I am responsible for arranging the meetings of the plenary and executive groups.

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