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Jo Goossens - Bio-Sense

Nearly a year into the project, Food4Me is now starting to generate some interesting results. We spoke to Jo Goossens from Bio-Sense who is leading work on business and value creation models.

jo goossenssmall1Jo has 27 years of experience in the agri-food industry. His expertise covers the transformation chain from agricultural raw material to industrial food production, however he is especially fascinated by the major societal issues surrounding nutrition and health and the role of agricultural production.

With a PhD in Biology and a long industrial career in various global R&D, marketing and business management positions at Cerestar, he combines scientific understanding with strong business skills. Since 2001 he has been consulting independently through his organisation Bio-Sense and working in partnership with Giract, the leading ingredient strategy consultancy and ShiftN, the innovative systems thinking and futurist consultancy.

Jo is particularly interested in creative processes that help us to understand the underlying patterns and forces shaping markets and societies. Convinced that today’s challenges require novel approaches, he co-initiated and managed ground breaking projects, such as the ‘Nutrition & Health 2020’ and ‘2025-Fields for Food and Fuel’ collaborative scenario planning and the Nutrition & Health Open Innovation Lab. He also contributed as a partner in large EU-projects, such as ‘GoodFood’, as well as Food4Me.

We asked Jo a few questions about his involvement with Food4Me.

How did you get involved in the Food4Me project?

Mike Gibney approached me as he had learned about my work on future scenarios such as ‘Nutrition & Health 2020’ and from my work with ShiftN in the UK Foresight project ‘Future of obesities’. Barbara Stewart-Knox who also participates in Food4Me has participated in our future scenario work to bring some consumer perspectives.

What is your specific role within the project?

I am coordinating the work on exploring all stakeholder perceptions to personalised nutrition offerings, both the existing ones today as well as potential future concepts of personalised nutrition offerings. We will thus assess the potential future environment for establishing a personalised nutrition business, looking at barriers and opportunities and designing ‘hopefully’ novel business model concepts that address both, consumer concerns and desires, as well as business environment needs and obstacles.

What are you hoping will be the outcome of your research?

Being completely neutral about the possibilities of personalised nutrition, I look forward to see if and how it can contribute in a sensible and effective way to meet the growing societal needs for a more balanced dietary behaviour.

What impact do you hope your research will have?

As the research is aiming to deliver possible novel business model concepts, we can only hope that they will be attractive enough for companies, societal organisations or governments to be taken up in the strategic approaches to counter the growing problems of chronic diseases, overweight, metabolic syndrome and diabetes to name but a few.

Click here to listen to Jo's podcast where he explains more about his work in Food4Me.

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