Press Release: Latest on personalised nutrition will be presented by Food4Me project researchers at International Congress of Nutrition

13 September 2013

On Sunday 15 September 2013 to Friday 20 September 2013, approximately 5,000 people will attend the International Union of Nutritional Science’s (IUNS) 20th International Congress of Nutrition, at the Granada Conference Exhibition Centre in Granada, Spain. This meeting brings together the world's top minds in nutrition research and clinical practice to openly discuss global nutrition challenges, with an emphasis on different cultural opinions. As part of the initial line-up, key researchers from the Food4Me project, which receives funding from the European Commission, will present their latest developments in personalised nutrition science.

On Monday 16 September, the symposium, ‘Developments in personalised nutrition: what’s next?’ will be held by the Food4Me project. The topic of personalised nutrition is one of the most exciting trends that will be discussed at the conference, according to Angel Gil president of the IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition, in an interview by the American Society for Nutrition earlier this year.

Marianne Walsh, project manager for Food4Me, from University College Dublin, Ireland, says, “We hope that the symposium will provide attendees with a snapshot of the state of the art in personalised nutrition. Food4Me comprises a multidisciplinary team of researchers from across Europe and they will give an insight into the wide spectrum of topics that are being explored. We envisage that attendees will walk away with a broader understanding of the key aspects, including the business potential, consumer acceptability, cutting-edge technologies, delivery methods and the ethical and legal issues involved.

The chair of the meeting is Mike Gibney, professor of food and health from University College Dublin, and coordinator of the Food4Me project. Jo Goossens, from Bio-Sense, Belgium, and a Food4Me partner, will speak on ‘Challenges and opportunities for personalised nutrition business models’, and showcase his work on business, and economic and social-value creation models.

Lynn Frewer, professor of food and society at Newcastle University, UK, will present on, ‘What do consumers think about personalised nutrition?’. This presentation will announce preliminary research data into European consumer attitudes such as perceived risk, trust, understanding and financial value towards personalised nutrition.

The talk, ‘Technology and software in personalised nutrition’ will be presented by Hannelore Daniel, chair for nutritional physiology at the Technical University, Munich, Germany. She will cover some of the technologies that have a practical potential in personalised nutrition, and demonstrate Food4Me’s experiences with genotyping techniques to understand inherited instructions carried within a person’s genetic blueprint; and phenotyping techniques, such as dry blood spot analysis, to learn about human observable characteristics, such as body shape in relation to personalised nutrition recommendations.

John Mathers, professor of human nutrition at Newcastle University, will discuss his work of an internet-based public volunteer study across seven European countries, as part of the Food4Me project, and how to turn data into useful advice to produce sustained behavioural change. His presentation is called, ‘Personalised nutrition intervention, how effective is personalised nutrition advice?’.

Finally, Professor Ulf Görman, of Lund University and Jönköping University, Sweden, will present investigations into the complex ethical dilemmas related to consumer trust in genetic testing, and commercial and legal issues of managing personal data in his talk, ‘Is it right? The ethical and legal implications of personalised nutrition’.

Note to Editors:

The Food4Me symposium will take place on Monday 16 September at 11.30am to 1.30pm in the Andalucia rooms at the International Congress of Nutrition, Granada.

This Food4Me project is supported by the European Commission under the food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology theme of the 7th Framework Programme for research and technological development. (Contract no. 265494).

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