Raising Food4Me's profile at the European Nutrition Conference


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The 11th European Nutrition Conference in Madrid, which took place from 26-29 October, saw the introduction of the Food4Me project to attending nutrition experts from across Europe. The conference provided Food4Me coordinator, Professor Michael Gibney, the opportunity to communicate the project in the session 'Personalised Nutrition: A Realistic Perspective?'

The session looked at various aspects of personalised nutrition, beginning with Professor Gibney's explanation of Food4Me's aims and strategy, and the background behind the project. Dr John Mathers from Newcastle University and leader of the Food4Me proof of principle study, considered the potential biological basis for personalised nutrition in terms of genetic and epigenetic variation. Finally, Dr Amelia Martí del Moral, from the University of Navarra, considered gene variants and obesity, and presented lessons learnt from intervention studies. The University of Navarra partners in Food4Me's proof of principle study and the investigation of consumer attitudes towards personalised nutrition.

Food4Me disseminator, the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) took this opportunity to circulate the newly developed Food4Me leaflet (available to download here) to the thousands of conference goers. 

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