Public encouraged to watch and comment on personalised nutrition presentations by Food4Me project researchers

4 September 2013

The following four webinars outline the latest progress in personalised nutrition research by the Food4me project, and were presented on Monday 10 June 2013 at a stakeholder meeting, held at the European Food information Council, in Brussels, Belgium. We encourage you to watch them. Feel free to post constructive comments or questions at the bottom of the page. Please also include your affiliation when commenting and we will endeavour to respond, if appropriate.

1) Business and Value Creation Models:

Jo Goossens from the company Biosense, presents his work on the challenges and opportunities for personalised nutrition business models. This includes the creation of a brochure on near-future case studies of economic, societal and novel business model concepts.

2) Personalised Nutrition: An integrated analysis of opportunities and challenges:

Mike Gibney, professor of food and health from University College Dublin, and coordinator of the Food4Me project presents the current stage of personalised nutrition science, which combines genetic and phenotypic information, and dietary data. The Food4Me project’s goal is to empower people to make decisions based on knowledge about their bodies.

3) Ethical and legal issues:

Ulf Gorman, from Lund University and Jönköping University, Sweden, investigates the ethical dilemmas in personalised nutrition, taking into account consumer, commercial and legal issues.

4) Proof of Principle (PoP) Study:

John Mathers, professor of human nutrition at Newcastle University, UK, presents progress of the Food4Me internet-based public volunteer study across seven European countries, and how personalised nutrition data that can be used to enable sustained behavioural change in people.

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