Workshop: New and Emerging Nutritional Phenotyping Tools

An important part of the Food4Me project is investigating the technological issues in making personalised nutrition a reality. As part of this investigation, Food4Me partner Philips Research organised a one day workshop to discuss emerging research on the measurement of nutritional status.

Measuring nutritional status, be it electronically or biochemically, is a crucial part of enabling dietary personalisation. Technical devices are needed to provide individual health data that can then be translated into dietary recommendations. Exploring technology is an integral part of the Food4Me project. According to Food4Me coordinator Mike Gibney, it was important to hold an event to bring together people from various perspectives to discuss the devices, gadgets and gizmos relevant in the future of personalised nutrition.

Food4Me partners at the workshop, held at Philips Research, Cambridge on 11 July 2012, provided information on the state of the art in these technologies, including electronic measurement of food intake and biochemical markers of food intake. The intrinsic link with the business was also considered, with the discussion; what business models will succeed, and which emerging technologies will change this field?

All talks are available as webinars, click on the titles in the programme below to watch them.

Session 1: Aims of the day

Aims for the day - Hannelore Daniel (TUM)

Personalised nutrition and phenotyping: An overview of Food4Me - Mike Gibney (UCD)

Session 2: Electronic measurement of food intake

Activity measurement - Francesco Sartor (Philips Research)

Food4Me Online FFQ - Creme (Ire)

Dietary analysis via food visual recognition - Carol Boushey (Purdue) 

Discussion: How to improve the effort-accuracy trade-off - All

Session 3: Biochemical markers of food intake

The measurement of urinary sugar as a marker of over eating - Gunter Kuhnle (URead)

Hair analysis for nutrition - Tamsin O'Connell (Cam)

The challenges of dried blood spot analysis - Hannelore Daniel (TUM)

Discussion: What will customers accept to make measurements more accurate? - All

Session 4: Business in personalized nutrition: what will people pay for?

Adequate nutrition for populations: The current situation and the opportunities and challenges of personalised nutrition - Peter Webber

Experiences of a start up in personalised nutrition - Keith Grimaldi

Survey of business models in personalised nutrition - Jo Goossens 

Discussion: what business models will succeed, and which emerging technologies will change this field? - All

Conclusion - Mike Gibney (UCD)

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