Podcast: Legal challenges of personalised nutrition offerings

Listen to Joanna Jaskolska, of the Brussels-based office of the law firm Keller and Heckman LLP talking about the activities of the firm in analysing the legislation applicable to personalised nutrition offerings, understanding the resulting constraints for the offerings and assessing the degree of consumer protection.

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Webinars: Latest progress in personalised nutrition research

Watch and comment on the four webinars outlining the latest progress in personalised nutrition research by the Food4me project. Feel free to post constructive comments or questions at the bottom of the page, and include your affiliation. We will aim to respond, if appropriate.

Podcast: Ethical issues related to personalised nutrition

Listen to a 9 minute interview with Karin Nordström, assistant professor in religious studies at the School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, Sweden, who clearly describes the findings of four recent peer-reviewed papers, published in the journal: Genes and Nutrition.

Food4Me researchers studied the key public concerns and commercial, cultural, knowledge and legal issues around personalised nutrition science.

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Brochure on future scenarios about personalised nutrition in Europe

Food4Me provided an opportunity for a mixed group of stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities and challenges for personalised nutrition business models in the future. ‘Future Scenarios about Personalised Nutrition’ is based on the ideas and expertise of the participants.

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Podcast on new health topics linked to personalised nutrition science 

Raymond Gemen of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), interviewed Ben van Ommen, principal scientist at the Dutch organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), about two new health topics: phenotypic flexibility and metabotypes.
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Podcast of new study on healthier diets for individuals

Adrian Giordani, Manager of Communications for Food4Me interviewed John Mathers, Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Reading, who leads the Proof of Principle (PoP) study which aims to discover whether it’s possible to deliver scientifically robust online advice about personalised diets.

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Webinar series: Tools for personalised nutrition

Recorded at the Philips workshop on emerging research, an international group of experts discuss state of the art technologies for implementing personalised nutrition, as well as their relation to the business aspects of the field.

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UCD Policy Seminar: Personalised Nutrition: Where's the Business?

Food4Me scientists at UCD consider important aspects in the business of personalised nutrition.

Follow through this link to watch videos of these presentations on YouTube:

Podcast: Public perceptions, business and personalised nutrition

Jo Goossens, leader of Food4Me's work on business and value creation models, tells us what his team have been up to, what their next steps will be and the role of this work in the future of personalised nutrition.

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Food4Me Leaflet

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Press release: New EU-funded project changing the way we eat

When the human genome sequence was launched in 2000, it introduced the possibility of personalisation in health care.

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Webinar: Molecular Nutrition and Personalised Nutrition

How can we use our understanding of food and our genes to design a better, healthier and more individual diet?

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